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Accent Check is an online tool for assessing a candidate’s English accent, clarity of speech and audio processing capability, the objective being to rate the candidate’s potential for employment in a domestic or international call centre, or in a retail or other frontline position.

The objective of the course is to help anyone who has learnt English as a second or third language to communicate in English with greater clarity, confidence and credibility than they ever have before.

The influence of your mother tongue will never be lost but you will be able to speak English in a way that is clearly understood. The course not only aids with intelligibility and pronunciation but also significantly improves the way that you interpret what you hear in English by building up your audio processing capability.

The course is made up of four main sections – an introduction with a self evaluation questionnaire, then the Vowel Sounds section, covering the 23 English vowel sounds, followed by sections covering all the consonants and syllables, each with voice recordings giving examples in words and sentences, and there are 260 exercises and dialogues to complete in order to reinforce the lessons.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the different parts of speech
  • Use the correct tenses when compiling and writing workplace documents
  • Identify and apply the basic grammar rules in constructing sentences
  • Identify and use the correct spelling of common business words
  • Know the general prohibitions in order to write effectively
  • Identify the various forms of punctuation and know when to use them

Post-course assessment scoring a candidate’s English accent, clarity of speech and audio processing capability.